AIP Wild Alaskan Salmon with Garlic & Lemon

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AIP Wild Alaskan Salmon with Garlic & Lemon Freeze-Dried Meal

Ingredients: Courgette, Pumpkin, Leek, Wild Salmon Meatballs (14%) [Wild Salmon (89%), Organic Rice Flour (7%), Ginger, Parsley, Pink Himalayan Salt, Lemon Zest, Rosemary Extract, Sunflower Oil], Broccoli, Celery, Organic Coconut Oil, Beef Bone Broth, Organic Coconut Milk (Contains Maltodextrin), Spinach, Basil, Ginger, Pink Himalayan Salt, Parsley, Garlic (0.2%), Lemon (0.2%), Lemongrass, Coriander Leaf, Thyme
Contains fish. May contain milk and tree nuts.

Weight: 85g
Energy: 1840kj / 438kcal  |  Carbohydrate: 32.8g  |  Protein: 26.0g  |  Fat: 12.1g


Product Description

Low inflammation. High in nutrients. Health Starts here.

With AIP, it’s essential for healing, to include nutrient-dense foods like liver, bone broth, copious amounts of colourful vegetables, high-quality meats and fats, therefore we have taken great care to make these the primary content in our AIP meals.

This meal is available for those who wish to incorporate it into a varied, high-quality diet, that may assist in their management of autoimmune disease. It is not prescriptive however and you should consult with your nutritionist if you are unsure whether to include it in your personalised diet plan.

This Wild Alaskan Salmon with Garlic and Lemon meal contains:

  • a small amount of organic maltodextrin (less than 0.5g), which is present in coconut milk powder to prevent clumping;
  • 2.8 grams organic white rice flour in the Salmon meatballs, which enables the fish and herbs to bind together (currently the cleanest form of binder available);
  • and trace amounts of sunflower oil within the Salmon meatballs; being the necessary carrier for rosemary extract, which is used to preserve raw meat and fish.

These would not be included in an extremely strict AIP diet, but for many people, they will be tolerated without any negative effects, especially in the low quantities present.

Nutritional Information - AIP Wild Alaskan Salmon with Garlic & Lemon Freeze-Dried Meal

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